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- Win-Win Innovations Strengthen U.S. Companies While Aiding Impoverished Communities -

- Corporate Partner Testimonials -
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Renovar Construction

"Sponsoring sustainble clean water solutions lets our company give back and see immediate results. The same can be said of the many Verifica trainings we've supported over the years." -Austin Sittko, President, Renovar Construction
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FeelGood for Life

"I personally visited a water project that Feel Good sponsored through PIER during a business trip to Colombia. PIER understands the power of relationships to do good. Their Source Community program is a win-win for our customers, employees, and the communities that produce our key products." - Sebastien Hebbelinck, CEO, Feel Good Organic Superfoods
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Fluid Coffee Bar

"PIER Institute has always been a great friend of Fluid Coffee Bar and our Sustainability Menu. We have been fortunate to work PIER and Rich Mitchell on several community projects in Colombia, including the Verifica Program." -Jeff Aitken, Owner, Fluid Coffee Bar